Management and Domiciliation

Client: Austrian innovation company

Business: Renewable Energies

Starting Point: An Austrian company wanted to open a representative office in Brazil for taxation and strategic reasons.

Service: IL Management accompanies the customer in the foundation process of the legal entity and takes over the representation of non-brazilian shareholders, the management and compliance management. The company address is on the premises of IL Management Services. Communication with the Austrian headquarter is in German, and the monthly financial reports are transferred to the chart of accounts of the parent’s company.

Advantage: The customer can concentrate fully on the business and has a trustworthy partner at his/her side, which saves a lot of work and he/she can communicate in his/her native language.

Consulting for Market Entry

Client: German mid sized, family owned company, world leader in the field of special release agents..

Business: Automotive supplier 

Starting Point: Despite global operations and existing subsidiaries in USA, Europe and Asia, the Brazilian market only has been penetrated via central group purchases by foreign mother companies. As the use of the product leads to efficiency gains in production, it is assumed that in Brazil there should be huge demand for the product.

Service: Within several weeks, an individual market research was conducted in collaboration with external experts, including projections of potential sales market, competitive situation, sales opportunities, import costs and presentation of different market entry options.

Advantage: The Market Study - which includes case calculations with real costs of transport and import of the product to potential customers - manages our client to have a basis of a plan to entry in Brazil. The study also includes an easy to understand representation of legal and tax implications, as well as recommendations for different options.

M&A Services

Client: Internationally acting German Company

Business: air-conditioning technology

Starting Point: The German parent company with several subsidiaries and suppliers worldwide has decided to take over a Brazilian Group.

Service: Following detailed consultation with the group's management IL Management Services identified potential target enterprises. While due diligence and sales contracts are drawn up by a specialized law firm, the IL Management Team has reviewed in cooperation with auditors and tax advisors, the target company, especially the financial reports and pointed out inconsistencies. After the successful transaction IL Management Services represents the German parent company as manager and shareholder representative.  

Advantage: The management in Germany could rely on the team of IL Management that delivered precise reports on the current status and has brought decisions on various issues during the acquisition. Following the acquisition, the German management relies on IL Management Services as legally authorized representative of their interests against the Brazilian partner.

Management and Domiciliation

Client: US Manufacturing Company

Business: mechanical engineering

Starting Point: A US manufactoring company intended to set up a Brazilian subsidiary in order to import product into Brazil and possibly set up a production facility in Brazil at a later stage.

Service: IL Management and its integrated partners provided a market and tax analysis and subsequently assisted with the incorporation and domiciliation of a Brazilian subsidiary. The management of the Brazilian subsidiary (including bank account transactions, internet banking, accounting, payroll, etc.) and the representation of the non-Brazilian shareholders were assigned to IL Management.

Advantage: The client could focus on the expansion of its operation while IL Management assumed all administrative and other accessory tasks. IL Management turned into a long-term service provider and trusted partner and has by now been providing ongoing management services of all kinds to the client for three years.


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